20 april 2010

Wolfcon Admin Commands

Here's a list of Admin commands that can be used for the Battlefield Bad Company 2 admintool Wolfcon.


!time -Shows current time
!server -Shows server information
!startmatch -Counts down from predefined number (3,2,1) and then kills everyone


/kick [playername] -kicks the player (you do not have to type the full name)
/say -says a message that everyone sees
/teambalance -forces teambalance to activate within 1 min
!votescramble -if teams are unfair, you can vote on the server to scramble the teams up
[playername] -swaps the targeted player to the other team (note: this will kill the player, so use it moderately)
/kill [playername] -kills the player (duh)

Map configuration:

!voteskipmap -Starts a vote whether the map will be switched or not
!nextmap -Shows what map will be played next

*new* /switchmap -example "/switchmap nelson" will change the map to Nelson Bay
*new* /switchmode -example "/switchmode RUSH", will change the game mode to RUSH

The list will be updated when new features becomes available, if I've forgotten something, please leave a comment.

Multiplay.co.uk Bomber och Granater RUSH/CONQUEST is currently running Wolfcon with success, thanks goes to the dev Wolfy

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nivv sa...

Holmer = bronkss
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Anonym sa...

Var snälla att inte kicka följande